Linda Martin Attention Center

Administrator – Emily Moore

6807 NonPariel Road – Route 4, Wooster, Ohio 44691

20 bed secure facility, Serves males and females, Built in 1975, Located in Wayne County

The Linda Martin Attention Center is a 20 bed facility that serves male and female youth under the age of 19. It is also used to house youth from the other three attention centers for safety and overcrowding reasons. It is located in the middle of a field in beautiful Wayne County making it an ideal location for a secure facility. The center is certified by the Ohio Department of Youth Services. The Center was re-dedicated in 2001 as The Linda Martin Attention Center in honor of Linda Martin, a former Wayne County Juvenile Chief Probation Officer, original MCJAS Board of Trustees member and founding member of MCJAS. The primary goal of the Center is to carry out the mandates of the Ohio Revised Code by providing safe, secure, and humane temporary custody of youth held by the Juvenile Courts, length of stay is determined by the Courts.

A major component of the center is the Responsible Behavior Program. The Program encompasses progressive levels. Youth earn their way to higher levels by demonstrating pro-social behavior and personal responsibility. Each level offers youth more privileges. Youth can also loose privileges through the program for major and minor behavior violations. Youth are provided clear direction and simple rules through our program that also identifies the strengths in each child and emphasizes them.

The education program for the center is provided through the Tri-Way Local School District. High standards are set for all youth. The youth often find that they can be more successful at their school work based on the class sizes and challenging work. This is largely due to the teachers who work diligently to make sure that each youth’s needs are met regardless of their grade level. A high premium is set on reading and the Librarian from our Fredericksburg Library routinely brings in a wide variety of books for the youth to “check out”. On-line courses are now available for some students as part of our academic options. A variety of indoor and outdoor recreational activities (sports and games) are also available and physical exercise is scheduled daily.

The priority for programming within the center is to help and teach youth positive decision making skills, appropriate self-control, discipline, self- respect and respect for others. The staff at the center really “make a difference” by involving themselves in the activities scheduled for the youth. Day staff ensures that all youth are participating in the education provided and keeping the building clean. Evening staff engage youth in physical activates such as volleyball and incorporate life skill programming into the days’ busy schedule.
The staff at the center work hard to meet the needs of the youth they serve through like skills training. This includes budgeting, career choices, proper hygiene and healthy living to name a few. The entire life skills program is designed to assist youth in working on better problem solving and a variety of skills to assist them when they return home.
Professional counseling both individual and in group, is available on-site five days a week through Catholic Charities, contracted by Wayne County Juvenile Court. MCJAS provides a suicide intervention specialist to assist with youth throughout the system.
Meals are prepared daily by two Cooks and our Medical Department is headed by a fulltime Registered Nurse.

An active group of volunteers add greatly to the facilities’ programming. Volunteers participate in arts and crafts, gardening, various activities and conducting religious services. Local civic organizations and individuals have presented programs and donations to the facility and MCJAS.

We believe that each youth who enters our program will leave pointed in a positive direction, through teaching and expectation of discipline, positive decision making and behavior. We are striving to develop a positive atmosphere of self-worth with a respect and empathy towards others.

Frequently Asked questions:

Q. Does my child need supplies while there?
A. No, everything from clothing to hygiene supplies are provided by the Facility.

Q. May I call or visit my child?
A. Yes, every parent receives a pamphlet which has all the details of visitation and phone calls.

Q. When will my child have court?
A. The detention hearing will be the next business day after your child arrives at our facility. All other hearings the court will notify you in writing.