Multi-County Juvenile Attention System Is Currently Hiring for the Following Positions:

  1. Suicide Intervention Specialist: This position completes lethality assessments on youth within the Multi County Juvenile Attention System. Work collaboratively with the Medical Director, Administrator and Staff within the facility to determine a safety plan and the enforcement of said plan. Provides crisis intervention when needed and connects to outside agencies if needed as well. This position evaluates, assesses and determines the status of the youth who are placed on suicide prevention plan and also determines and works with the team to determine when it is safe to remove the safety plan. This position is a Monday thru Friday position with a flex schedule and holidays off. This position is also on call to assess youth when deemed necessary, however, the majority of the time this can be done via phone. This position travels between facilities but is provided a company car to do this. The main office for the position is in our Central Office. This position provides services to youth in our care so it does NOT contain any Medicaid billing or production requirements. This is a full-time position and is a part of OPERS retirement system. MCJAS offers excellent medical/dental insurance, sick time, vacation time, various other benefits as well. SEE FULL JOB DISCRIPTION IN THE JOB DISCRIPTION LINK BELOW                                                                                                                                                                                                                     
  2. Counselor 1:This position provides direct care, therapy and assessment for troubled youths and families within a secure facility. Must have a minimum or a LSW or LPC. SEE FULL JOB DISCRIPTION IN THE JOB DISCRIPTION LINK BELOW                                                                                                                              
  3. YOUTH LEADER 2: This position is primarily responsible for the direct supervision of detained, high risk youth within our facilities. This includes maintaining safety and security of the facility, youth and co-workers. SEE FULL JOB DISCRIPTION IN THE JOB DISCRIPTION LINK BELOW                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         
  4. Cook: This position prepares and serves meals following the USDA guidelines within a secure facility. Maintains cleanliness of the kitchen and ensures compliance to all Serve Safe guidelines. SEE FULL JOB DISCRIPTION IN THE JOB DISCRIPTION LINK BELOW

Current Job Descriptions