Residential Treatment Center

Administrator – Rebecca Mackey

815 Faircrest Street SW (lower building) ,Canton, Ohio 44706.

18 bed secure facility, Serves males and females

Built in 1973, Serves all five Member County Courts

The Residential Treatment Center is a 18 bed secure treatment facility. Youth stay at the facility anywhere between six (6) months and a year. The Treatment Centers goal is to help youth identify the errors in their thinking and change it. The center offers a robust treatment curriculum that includes individual and group counseling, Anger Management, Thinking for a Change, TGCT-A also know as Trauma and Loss Therapy, Life Skills and individual and group Drug & Alcohol counseling. The center also collaborates with The Domestic Violence Project throughout the year and offers a Healthy Relationship Program in the summer. An intern at the center has expanded the Healthy Relationship Program and now offers in during the winter months. The center is also fortunate to have outside agencies provide additional activities for youth. Girls With Sole, a nonprofit group from Cleveland, visits the female youth weekly and supplies the girls with new running shoes and conducts activities that focuses on physical fitness, self esteem and self image. Likewise the young males in the facility visit weekly with Mr. Rashu Jeffries of Stark County who conducts weekly ROAP mentoring groups that focus on redirecting habitual behavior in a positive direction.

The center also participates in projects outside the everyday programming being offered. Last year the center staff worked with Stark Parks and Ohio State University and obtained a gardening grant. The gardening program taught youth about the benefits of growing your own food and nutrition. Youth went through a six (6) session nutrition course designed and implemented by the Ohio University. Stark Parks provided plants, soil and wood for the garden boxes to the campus. The male students built the six garden boxes to be utilized. Youth Leaders worked very hard in the summer heat transferring soil from the Stark North facility to the garden boxes at RTC.  The female youth assisted in planting tomatoes, zucchini, potatoes, assorted peppers, eggplant and kohlrabi.  The female youth also planted an herb garden in one of the boxes. One of the youth leaders, a former cook at the center, showed the youth how to prepare and season a variety of different foods harvested from the garden. A few examples include; mint tea, fried green tomatoes, salsa, Kohlrabi fritters, stuffed peppers, breaded eggplant parmesan, zucchini bread and cookies, ratatouille and a special Pablano dish. Youth learned many valuable lessons including how to plan and nurture good things so they come to you later. The youth were very engaged in the project and excited to tend the garden and reap the benefits of the herbs and vegetables in their garden. The garden project also enhances the summer school science program as well.

Social skills are also an important part of the program at RTC. Youth are exposed to a variety of social situations that give them an opportunity to be out in the community and interact in an appropriate way without negative behavior or the use of drugs and alcohol.

Some of the activities the youth participated in last year include Cedar Point, semi-pro and professional basketball games, the zoo, the HOF, fishing & the movies. These outings are made possible through religious and community donations, fund raisers and grants.

The Treatment Center is certified by the Ohio Department of Youth Services and has received excellent audit results every year. However, the most remarkable thing about the MCJAS Residential Treatment Center is the staff! They continually go above and beyond to assist youth in becoming the best person they can be. Utilizing counseling services and group building activities they help youth build positive relationships with their families and become productive citizens within their communities.