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Multi-County Juvenile Attention System

The Multi-County Juvenile Attention System (MCJAS) provides detention and rehabilitation services to the Juvenile Courts of five counties in northeast Ohio.  These counties are Carroll, Columbiana, Stark, Tuscarawas, and Wayne.  MCJAS treats juvenile, delinquent offenders and offers services to their families in such a manner as to strengthen both the youth and their family, and strive to reduce the likelihood of the youth re-entering the criminal justice system.

The detention program is focused on short-term services. The detention centers hold youth for the Courts prior to the hearing on the case or while arrangements are being made for placement elsewhere.  The focus of the detention centers' programs is learning responsibility for individual behavior.

The group home program provides residential care and treatment services in an open setting for youth who are able to function in the regular public-school system.  Emphasis is placed on developing the skills necessary to return either to the family setting or to independent adult living.

The Residential Treatment Center offers live-in care for youth lacking sufficient internal controls for an open setting or who are unable to function within the public schools.  In addition to group and family counseling, this setting provides a specialized school focusing on youth with learning or behavioral problems.

Multi-County recognizes that youngsters come into the juvenile justice system for a variety of reasons, and that the causal factors behind the problem situations vary from child to child. The youth are charged with crimes that would be crimes if committed by an adult. Abused, dependent or neglected children and juvenile shagged with offenses that would not be crimes if committed by adults are not held in the facility. Only youth who are under 18 or who have committed a crime while under the age of 18 are held in detention.

Program and treatment plans are individualized as much as possible within the range of services offered by the System.  In general, however, youth coming into MCJAS characterized by fearful, angry, or defensive attitudes, a distrust of others -- particularly authority figures -- low self-esteem, poor understanding of themselves and their motives, and socially maladaptive behaviors. Youth are only committed to the Multi-County Juvenile Attention System after it has been clearly identified that secure placement is essential.



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